love a good challenge.  The is the #1 excuse bump in the road I hear from clients all the time is “Trish, I just don’t have the time.”

Ya’ll – can we get down and dirty with each other? Keepin’ it real here.  You DO have the time…you’re just not using it efficiently!

In this week’s health hack, we’re taking a walk on the wild side. Riann and I get so much accomplished in our morning mall walks and I want you to see how you can pound the pavement and get a TON accomplished!  Mall walking isn’t just for the retired folks (although we do enjoy running into many of our favorite senior folks there)!

What I didn’t share in the video is that I have a secret weapon to keeping our conversations actionable. I use a walkie talkie app called Voxer (click on the link to check it out) and record parts of our conversation in my “notes” area (voice recordings just for me) so that I can quickly turn all of those ideas in to legit business practices.

Don’t have time to walk? Do you use the bathroom?

Do lunges on your way.
Do wall sits with your back to the bathroom stall (if you’re in an office building)
Squat over the actual pot 10x’s before using it.
Do wall pushups (you’ll wash your hands anyhow).

There are so many other creative ways you can get moving! Tell us about your creativity in the Health Hackers Community.


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