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{Health Hack} Honey: The Greatest Sugar Substitute, Ever

Our #HealthHackers tribe knows that honey is an amazing tool - swap it for those sugar and sweeteners you're adding into your food and drinks every day to up-level your nutritional and metabolic value.  It's also an antioxidant and antibacterial powerhouse to keep...

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{Health Hack} How Smart Women Get Their 10,000 Steps In

I love a good challenge.  The is the #1 excuse bump in the road I hear from clients all the time is "Trish, I just don't have the time." Ya'll - can we get down and dirty with each other? Keepin' it real here.  You DO have the're just not using it...

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{Health Hack} Lower Your Digital Anxiety, KonMari Style.

KonMari has been all the rage over the last few weeks – love her or loathe her, the clean-out style got me thinking about our obsession with social media and how we hoard both notifications and apps which are leading to anxiety, our perceived ‘lack of time’ and so...

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Taco Tuesday: Clean Tacos with Avocado Crema

My favorite taco is a super simple one, spruced up a bit with an amazing non-dairy cream sauce. It's an incredibly easy taco with my favorite meat seasoning, my anti-inflammatory plantain shell, and some of my favorite toppings. Avocado Crema Sauce Ingredients 3...

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Plantain Taco Shells

Plantains are an unsung hero in my book. I first discovered them at a little Venezuela restaurant in downtown Columbus Ohio called El Arepazo.  El Patacón is a double fried open-faced plantain made with ripe plantains which allows the vegetable to become more sugary...

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Clean Taco Fillings

If you know me at all, you'll know that I am a BIG taco freak.  Tacos have been a staple in my life since I first started eating them as a child. They were cheap, quick to get on the table and easy enough for us to make ourselves - so a clear family win-win kinda...

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Clean Taco Seasoning

When I first started to move away from Old El Paso and Ortega taco seasoning, it was really tough. I loved the way they blended their seasonings but it wasn't worth all of the added junk that came along with it and made for some really bloated days thereafter. Taco...

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Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is one of my staples during the Fall/Winter months.  It's super easy, especially when you cheat.  Healthy Hack: go to Costco and buy the butternut squash packages. They are perfectly cubed and ready to be placed on the cookie sheet to bake. ...

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Ham and White Sweet Potato Hash

I am in love with batch cooking meals that I can make in triplicate or 4x quantities at a time.  Cooking once and then freezing meals into 4 person portions saves me a TON of time and headache when the kids are screaming "what's for dinner?" This hash recipe was right...

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My Natural Wellness Protocol

I step up my natural game during the Fall and Winter months in Ohio as soon as the cold weather hits because I know that so many people are affected by the dreaded "flu season." I don't really believe in such a season, although, I refer to it often. Here's what flu...

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