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As a neuroscience nurse, I recognized many years ago modern medicine was unable to answer some of my questions and unable to lead me towards greater health with some of the recommended synthetics they prescribed. From the peripheral I was observing the changes in Trisha’s own health with nutrition, meditation, yoga, and then one day she mention a functional medicine doctor.  I knew I needed more info. Trisha Jackson graciously shared her experiences, knowledge, and recommendations that truly set me on the proper journey to greater health and wellness.  She made the recommendations to really talk with her functional medicine doctor partner, look at my diet, and design a plan of attack.

I will forever be grateful for Trisha as my health continues to improve daily.

~Holly Y. Registered Nurse, Neuroscience (Raleigh, N.C.)

I was slowly moving towards a more natural health lifestyle but wasn’t sure how to get there. The biggest step was incorporating essential oils into my life. Trisha has virtually taught me everything I know about supporting my health and wellness with oils. I have significantly decreased pain and inflammation coming from 8 herniated disks in my back and neck. Increase mobility, better sleep, hormone control, and many other things. I feel healthy! I feel younger. I don’t creak and moan every step. I feel more in control of my health and future.

~Julie Devany, Realtor (Gahanna, Ohio)

My job was not aligning with my family needs as my schedule was erratic.  Trisha motivated me to find a new job/career that better aligned with family needs.  So, I set a goal/deadline to find new job- and added goal to calendar – daily reminders and created daily tasks to ensure steps were taken to meet goal.  I now feel much more in control of my schedule which reduces stress, allows me more time to be with my family and have more restful sleep

~Ellen G. Account Manager (Frederick, Maryland)

I struggle with immune deficiency, chronic sinus infections, and low thyroid.  Trisha has inspired me to look for the root cause of my issues to alleviate symptoms by identifying food triggers, make dietary changes, and explore the use of essential oils to promote stress relief and support symptoms of my chronic conditions. She is always positive even in the face of a new life or health setback.

I’m now using DoTerra LLV, and essential oils. Fighting an infection is a huge energy output for our body and I’ve experienced so much more energy with less infections. Since focusing on my health and self-care,  I can focus more on what else I can do in my day.

~Sandy K. Registered Nurse, Oncology (Bay Village, Ohio)

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