How to Buy Essential Oils

Can you relate?

  • I’ve heard about essential oils but don’t know where to start.
  • Researching what essential oils are, how to use them and choosing a brand is overwhelming.
  • I’m super busy and just need someone I trust to point me in the right direction.

This was me, too!  In ’99 I knew there had to be a better way.  My conventional approach to brain fog, the exhaustion, and overwhelming stress left me only with of side effects.  Despite eating clean and living an active lifestyle, I continued to suffer.

Over the next few years, I self-taught much of what I know now.  I interviewed practitioners, discussed with chemists, and did a ton of peer to peer research on top of formal aromatherapy classes.

Back then, I turned to lavender essential to calm my anxiousness and then tried peppermint for head tension. I was shocked – it actually worked! Fast forward, all natural became a viable health care option for me.  From health care to house care and self-care in between .

Choosing the best essential oil company wasn’t easy.

After years of using essential oils, I saw the gamut of some really bad products.  I admit, I was buying them wherever I could find them – in the back of questionable stores, voo-doo and witch-craftery looking shops, you name it.  I had no idea where they were sourced, who was running these companies nor what their testing practices were.  And there was no education nor ongoing customer support available.  Since the industry is unregulated, there was, for sure, some pretty fraudulent oils on shelves.

Then, In 2008, all of that changed. doTERRA is the #1 essentail oil company in the world. With 84% exclusivity of the sourcing around the globe, doTERRA has strategic partnerships, globally, for the best essential oils in the world.  Through CōImpact souricng, their unique approach is to support the families of growers and distillers who are supporting our families of users and sharers.  doTERA builds schools, homes, medical facilities, provides clean drinking water, essentially increasing the quality of life so that they can thrive – and we will, too, through the oils they produce! I can expect consistent and reliable results each time I apply or diffuse and essential oils, knowing that they are 3rd party tested in 8 different ways to ensure the highest quality on the market. And the corporate leadership at doTERRA? Hands down, the highest of integrity, most transparent and largest heart-based business people I’ve personally had lunch with.

Why Buy Essential Oils Through Me, Directly?

A few, unparalleled reasons because I am passionate about ensuring that you are a knowledgeable expert in your own home.  I extend this to my clients because I believe in the power of empowerment and resourcefulness throughout your journey.

Personal attention.

When you receive your oils, we’ll connect via video conference or a phone call for a 30 minute private health consult.  As a Certified Integrative Nurition, Holistic Health Coach, I have a unqiue perspective that goes beyond just using essential oils.

A Members-Only Online Support Community.

Unlike anyone else, my members-only online tribe is a powerful support tool full of resources and daily Q&As.

Curated education.

Ongoing educational support is critical to your journey.  You’re health changes, so will your habits!  You’ll have access to online classes at your fingertips.

Exclusive programs.

Created based on client feedback, you’ll be invited to our private Oil Camps, Diffuser Challenges and other programs that will empower you for your family’s wellbeing.

Extreme value.

Receive a 25% – 55% wholesale discount all year long

Free e-books

Holistic health and integrative nutrition tips


No, there is no minimum monthly requirement

No, you do not need to sell doTERRA essential oils

Let’s lock arms and partner.  I’ve been where you are now.  I have the knowledge, the practical experience and can show you the short-cuts to helping your family start their essential oil journey.

Order Essential Oils

Ordering essential oils is simple!

  1. Choose how to purchase: a starter set or, customize your purchase. See my favorite starter sets below.
  2. Start & complete the ordering process, choosing your starter set or “doTERRA Essentials Enrollment” option to customize your kit.
  3. Check your mailbox in 3-5 days, anticipating your order’s arrival.
Perfectly curated sets of the most popular essential oils and oil-based products is the best way to purchase your oils as you begin. Includes a wholesale membership which entiles you to a 25-55% discount off of your essential oil purchases, all year-round.
Choose only those essential oils most important to reach your personal health goals. Customizing a kit includes a $35 enrollment fee offset by a beautiful, full color 124 page coffee table essential oil guide. As a wholesale member, you will enjoy a 25%-55% off discount all year-round.

The Most Popular doTERRA Starter Sets

The Natural Solutions Kit
(BEST VALUE) Most Popular for the complete all natural transformation.  This set includes the top selling 15ml essential oils for everyday physical health, emotional health & mood management essential oils, a 10hr running diffuser, all natural skin care, oral and personal hygiene products, as well as doTERRA’s #1 selling supplements for optimal nutritional, gut and brain health support. Wholesale membership included. $550

The Home Essentials Kit
(GREAT VALUE) This starter kit is perfect if you’re just dipping your toes into the water. This includes our top 10 selling everyday essential oils in full size, 15ml bottles (250 drops) + a 4hr diffuser. Wholesale membership included. $275
The Famiy Essentials Kit

(GOOD VALUE) This sampler kit has the same essential oils included in the Home Essentials Kit; however, the bottles are 1/3rd of the size (85 drops). This kit does not include a diffuser.  A good selection for a tight budget. $150

Compare doTERRA Essential Oil Kits

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