The big picture.

Over then next few blog posts, we’re going to unpack what you’re not being told about the flu shot.  My intention is to help shine a light on what’s behind the marketing and giant push for it. My hope is that it helps you tease out information to make a smart choice for your help with an eyes-wide-open approach.

How you might feel. Questions you should ask.

As a result of this “new” information, these topics might go completely against your grain. You might feel agitated and frustrated by it, or even angered. These are real points to consider and not what ANY of us were taught growing up.

We were taught that there is only one right answer. We followed instruction and direction by the authorities in the medical and public health community. We did what everyone else was doing.

These uncomfortable feelings are natural. They are feelings when information you’re learning is a departure from what you’ve always known. It’s natural to resist the idea and is part of awakening moments. Keep reading and keep breathing. Allow yourself to:

  • Dig for more info
  • Click on links
  • As yourself really great questions like…
    • Who would do that?
    • Why would they do that?
    • Why does that happen?
    • How does that happen?
    • When did that happen?
    • For how long?
    • What is the motive?
    • Why isn’t this being talked about?
    • Is this credible?
    • Does this make logical, rational sense?
    • Does the math add up?
    • Is this scientifically sound?
    • Is this statistically significant?
    • What is really the cause or correlation?
    • Is there more to this story?
  • Keep an open-mind
  • Do good math
  • Understand how science is supposed to work

What you’ll learn about the flu shot

We’ll uncover several pieces of the puzzle around the flu shot and try to make some connections to “the other side” that you might not know about:

Ready to go? Click on any of the highlighted inks above on each of the topics to get started. These blog posts will be a work in progress and I’ll get them up as soon as humanly possible as I navigate work and mom-life.

Best in health,


To my new readers – welcome!  I am a 20 years ex-corporate sales and marketing leader.  In that time, I spent my time in board rooms across 7 different industries. Because of that experience, I know how stories are spun, persuasive arguments are built and psychological manipulation is used to influence buyer behavior.  What in the heck does that mean? Because I’ve worked closely with senior leadership from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies, I can spot hidden agendas, propaganda and BS from a mile away.

Fast forward, my work now is helping entrepreneurs like YOU heal yourself; however that looks for you.  From time to time, my worlds collide (marketing + health coaching). Because I’m skilled in reading in between the words what what’s not being said at all, I share those details with my tribe to provide insight and short-cut to the chase so you can make a better informed decision.


Disclaimer: I sell essential oils and elderberry syrup as well as an online course called The Sugar Detox Workshop because I’m not one for complaining about a topic and not providing a solution. One-sided health topics, like The Flu (sentence case for emphasis), infuriate me.


Note: I am not anti-vaccine. I am pro-education and for informed consent. I want to help others break free from their cognitive dissonance and help them move away from confirmation bias.

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