WOA.  Yes, we’re getting a little feisty this week but I promise, this is G rated content and something you can pass on from generation to generation in your family, too.

My kids can tell you that these habits are my #1 pet peeve around the Jackson Hole.  Saying them to yourself creates made-up internal stories that hold you back from being the best rendition of you.  Repeated over and over again and the negativity gets burned into your brain’s programming and stunts your progress forward across a variety of things you’re trying to accomplish.

Said out loud, you’re basically announcing to the Universe that you will always stay in those stinkin’ thinkin’ ways and prefer to glorify the issues vs make progress towards wellness. Our thoughts words are so powerful!

When we breakthrough these stories, create new thought patterns and find new talk tracks, we accomplish things we never thought were possible!

Find a hair time rubber band and put it around your wrist. Every time you say one of the cuss words in today’s health hack, move it to the other wrist and think about a way you CAN and WILL find a way. Count out loud how many times you’ve moved it throughout the day. Share your daily # of the times you’ve moved your rubber band in the Health Hackers Community. The awareness will help you change your stinkin’ thinkin’ and help you create massive transformation!

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