Our #HealthHackers tribe knows that honey is an amazing tool – swap it for those sugar and sweeteners you’re adding into your food and drinks every day to up-level your nutritional and metabolic value.  It’s also an antioxidant and antibacterial powerhouse to keep immune systems strong – SCORE!

Why Honey?

Our bodies burn honey at a much slower than those processed and refined sugars. Honey actually prevents the extreme swings in our blood sugar levels and acts as a great neutralizer. This is so not the case with candy bars or even pasta.  Your body burns through those super fast and causes crazy spikes and crashes.

We use honey as a quick and easy healthy swap avoid long term health hurdles and illnesses like diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances, mood swings, brain fog, etc. BONUS: this swap also might help you ease your way back into those skinny jeans as well!

The 3 most important things you should know about honey

  1. Buy raw: max-out on the beneficial enzymes & minerals (like potassium and magnesium), pollen and water.
  2. Buy local: 99% of what big box stores sell isn’t real honey at all. We chatted about this here, recently: http://bit.ly/2Jm1enD​. 
  3. Don’t heat it! Heating honey or adding it to anything above 102º F will kill the beneficial properties.

​Where to find raw honey

  1. Along the roadside at beekeeper stands
  2. Farmer’s markets
  3. Boutique health food stores
  4. Search on Facebook or Instagram
    Use search terms like “<Enter Your State Here> Homesteader” or “<Enter Your State Here> Homesteading” to connect with locals in your area.  

How to use honey

  • Drizzled over a spoonful of nut butter for a quick energy pick-me-up
  • As a cough syrup, burn soother or skin infection-zapper, look for a high-end manuka honey with a UMF Factor of 20+, like this one: https://amzn.to/2VSNqHR​​)
  • In your overnight oats
  • In the energy bite recipes you make
  • Mixed in cooled tea or coffee
  • Added to your smoothies

{Your Thrive Time Action}

As always, reading all of these #healthhacks is not enough. Taking ACTION help us thrive and gets the results we expect, fast.

>>Pick ONE way to swap in honey where you’d typically add sugar.  Post in the Health Hacker Community to tell us what you chose and what you’ve noticed during the week as a result of your new healthy habit!



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