KonMari has been all the rage over the last few weeks – love her or loathe her, the clean-out style got me thinking about our obsession with social media and how we hoard both notifications and apps which are leading to anxiety, our perceived ‘lack of time’ and so much guilt for not being able to keep up with the load. 

We don’t often think about how much mindshare we’re losing to those little boxes on our phones and red numbers popping up at us all the time. It’s the little things over time that are compounding and making our eyes, and our minds, utterly exhausted.

{Thrive Time Action}
For the next 7 days, spend 2 minutes a day…

  • Deleting infrequently used apps
  • Turning off phone app notifications & the little red numbers
  • Remove push notifications from your social channels
  • Hide, unfriend or unfollow 7 negative nellies in your social feeds (people, pages, groups)

Share your accomplishment with our Facebook Community so we can celebrate with you & inspire others as well! These little milestones (and you’re public acknowledgement of them) will create a huge sense of relief in your mind and body!  

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BONUS TIP: Diffuse the “happy hippie” blend of essential oils that our tribe RAVES about and it’ll completely calm all of that nervous tension, making your forward momentum even easier.

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