It seems like such an odd way to think about weight loss but hear me out.  The average entrepreneur is having a hard time getting away from the computer to fix herself a healthy lunch, let alone fit in exercise or other self care practices.  Mostly because we’re sitting down, tucked in our chair, all nice and comfy in our yoga pants to the point that moving seems like a huge effort.  We’re launching, growing and connecting with our customers in that position which also brings about a ton of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

The combination of lack of movement, lack of nourishment and hormone imbalances (from all of the stress), causes your weight loss efforts to fall short.

By redesigning your office space, there are loads of advantages that have a big role in getting the scale to move like…

Calming your mind
Elevating your mood
Promoting healthy circulation
Increasing energy and focus
Reducing exhaustion
Enabling strength training and cardio movement opportunities
✅ Increases the likelihood that you to leave every now again to make a healthy snack & grab a glass of water
Reconnecting with Nature & Getting some Vitamin D

A quick summary of what you’ll find in my space with little to no investment (less financial stress – yay!):

🌼Repurposed old dresser
🌼Boxes create a standing desk
🌼Desk facing window for vitamin D
🌼Journal to help me clear my mental chatter
🌼Nature(ish) view
🌼View of my kids playing
🌼Positive mojo in plain site (I love these Louise Hays power cards)
🌼Salt lamp to rid negative energy (this is the one I have)
🌼Stress less aromatherapy in a diffuser (snag my favorite essential oil blend here)

{Thrive Time Action}
As always, I love to help you take action to get results. So, your ‘marching orders’ for the next 7 days…

  • Move your desk in front of a window & repurpose something laying around the house to create a standing desk
  • Clear the space in front of your desk, just enough to allow you to march in place, squat or do a plank
  • Commit to 1 exercise (consider planks, lunches, squats) a day while you’re listening to a podcast or webinar

Snap a picture of your finished office space and post it to our Facebook Community so we can celebrate with you & inspire others as well! Tell us what you’re noticing as a result of your new space, emotionally and physically!

These little milestones (and you’re public acknowledgement of them) will create a huge sense of relief in your mind and body and help you lose unwanted weight along the way.

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