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Private 1:1 Health Coaching

The Ultimate 1:1 Coaching Experience

Private 1:1, person-centered approach. We customize our sessions based on your individual needs.  We focus on turning goals like nutrition & weight management, stress management, career, relationship, spiritual, and exercise into action. (6 months)

Program Overview

  • 6 month commitment
  • Complimentary 45 minute health history consultation
  • Sessions are customized to individual needs
  • 12 sessions meeting twice monthly
  • 45 minute private sessions
  • Meets in person or virtually over Zoom video conference

Program Features

Custom Topics

Goal setting & lifestyle transformation

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight & body

Creating healthy nutritional habits

Chronic disease prevention

Improving personal relationships

Exploring career support

Self-care, mindfulness and stress management techniques

Natural health therapies including herbal remedies, essential oils and aromatherapy


Customized handouts

Healthy, simple recipe recommendations

Book recommendations

Nutritional supplementation guidance

Aromatherap guidance

Goal Setting

Sessions are goal-based & action-oriented to ultimate transformation. 

Mid-session review

End-session recap

Indivdiual session notes

This includes goal setting, discussion of your progress, recommendations & session notes.

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