About Me

The Beginning of a Natural Health Revolution

Essential Living was born out of the idea that sometimes less is more, and with a few simple changes in your lifestyle over time, you will experience an enormous breakthrough in your health and happiness. 

Growing up, I was an overachiever. I had to be the best at everything—to be 100%, 100% of the time. I burned the candle at both ends in the name of perfectionism. But along with that lifestyle, I found myself plagued by allergies, asthma, digestive issues, a hormone imbalance, and migraines. I found myself taking a multitude of pharmaceuticals, but none provided relief. I kept thinking to myself that there had to be a better way. Thus I began my journey toward holistic health and more natural ways of living.

A Wellness Transformation.

Even as my arsenal of homeopathic and natural remedies grew, I noticed that my health continued to decline over the years, with increased pain, a lack of energy, brain fog, and insomnia. After college, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was seemingly doing everything “right.” In 2009, I was diagnosed with “incurable” conditions, including hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. My stress and poor food choices in sugar, caffeine, wine, and carbs resulted in massive inflammation and weight gain, as the mounting pressure of juggling the corporate world and family life took hold.

One day, a lightbulb went off—was I thinking about my health in all the wrong ways? Was I just using natural remedies to mask the same symptoms the doctors were trying to cover up with pharmaceuticals?  I dove deeper into self-care mode, past symptom management. I began researching everything I could get my hands on about root-cause illnesses, the impact of stress, and how foods fueled or fatigued me. I studied functional medicine and gut-brain health. This is when I discovered so much about nutrition and additional modalities of natural healing, and began peeling back the layers of the onion on my own health issues. Primarily, I learned that healing meant slowing down and incorporating sustainable habits incrementally over time.

At this point in my journey, I’ve seen my autoimmune disease reversed, chronic aches and pains relieved and 35 pounds of weight lost. Most importantly, I have regained the joy and peace in my life.

My Vision.

Getting well hasn’t happened overnight; it’s been a process. And through my journey, I realized that there were so many women struggling just like me. They were overstressed, oversugared, and overextended. They wanted to reduce tension, toxins, and chronic symptoms, but they felt overwhelmed by how to get started.

When I began to share my story with others, I became a resource for those who needed inspiration and direction. I developed a guided process to help women reduce stress, reclaim sleep, and reestablish balance in their lives. The results have been so rewarding, from lower cholesterol to improved thyroid numbers and weight loss. I help people solve their own problems by giving them the insight and ability to think through their situations and find the solution that works for them. There is nothing more rewarding to me than hearing one of my clients say that I am the catalyst for the positive change she is experiencing in her life, and that she never would have explored the solutions that actually worked for her without my guidance. Those are the things that fuel my passion to help women.

I’m invigorated by the opportunity to inspire others toward healthfulness and help them experience the best rendition of themselves. I’m excited to be able to reach more people at speaking engagements and online through webinars, social media, a suite of online courses, and virtual group coaching programs. My work is the start of a natural health revolution—where all women are healthier, in more natural ways, together.

# of dis-eases I've successfully reversed

# of corporate positions that contributed to the debilitating stress in my life

# of pharmaceuticals that destroyed my gut health

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