Rosemary chicken is a simple recipe without chopping, slicing or a lot of prep.  It’s summer break and there’s no such thing as balance if you have kids at home vying for your attention while you’re trying to get get a bit of work done at the same time.  Dinner is the LAST thing you want to throw into the mix.

We do most of our shopping at Costco.  We buy in bulk for 4 people because we trust their sourcing practices: organic, sustainable and very clean ingredients and we love having leftovers to save us a ton of time throughout the week.

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by Rachel Ray’s recipe on the Food Network. Super fast and easy using nearly all Kirland brand products. Here’s the recipe. Try it and share with me how you felt about it in our Facebook community!

As I share in my video, I do NOT love cooking nor creating recipes so I eyeball everything.  Tastes delicious and the kids gobbled it up.


Rosemary Chicken with Garlic & Lemon Recipe

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Ingredients (for a family of 4)

Cooking directions

Preheat to 450 degrees F.

In a pan big enough to fit your chicken (I’d be lying if I told you that I had a 9×13 pan), put all of your ingredients in (reserve the chicken broth/wine and lemon for the end) and roast for 20 minutes.  Add the chicken/broth and lemon, put it back into the oven and turn the oven off.  Let it sit there for another 5 minutes and remove.  Spoon the juice over the chicken and serve.

We serve this with Brussel sprouts, green or black beans.

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