My best friend of 22 years died while battling breast cancer November 21st, 2017.  She was 41 years old. She was brave, brass and bold and encouraged me to continue to fight in her honor. This is written in my rip-off-the-bandaid-style and is raw to my core.
I have a love/hate relationship with October. I LOVE Fall. To me, it’s the comfort of the cool weather, the changing of the tree colors, Buckeye football and our anniversary.

I HATE breast cancer awareness month. I hate the pinkwashing and”think pink” propaganda. I hate that we are so focused on ”research” and education vs PREVENTION.

We are well AWARE that breast cancer exists. We get it: check for lumps in our breasts at least once a month. There are already buckets of money allocated to science to study the *actual* cancer so why aren’t we tackling how to PREVENT it all together?

In some of my grief-stricken memorial Facebook posts about my bestie, I’ve shared that I spent 2 years on breast cancer research during my undergrad. It was the #1 reason I burnt out (yep – rock bottom) and did NOT go on to get my dream PhD in counseling psychology. I was exhausted and infuriated. I was sadden by the constant death around me (working with recurrence) that cost me a LOT of personal emotional issues.

Why did I go cold turkey on breast cancer research?
We were studying how drugs might slow it down, how they might stop it.  We were also studying how women with breast cancer respond to stress before and after it’s compromised, ONLY to see how the drug can/might react in that situation.

What breast cancer research didn’t study.
No one could see the giant flaw. No one was asking the really hard question about how to prevent cancer from starting in the first place. We were studying the cart and not the horse. Our breast cancer research didn’t study:

  • How to make sure cancer never happens in the first place.
  • How the standard American diet (SAD) is full of processed foods and SUGAR and is a significant contributor to cancer growth.
  • How stress is also a major contributor to cancer.  You know, how the impact of environmental, physical, emotional stress on healthy cells, over time, will cause free radicals to damage cells and thus cause cancer? No one was considering it.
  • How what we are putting in, on and around our bodies can cause our cells to break down, like:
    • Food
    • Hair and Body care products (soap, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, body gel, shaving cream, hair colorants)
    • Things we use to make our house smell good (fragrances, candles, air fresheners)
    • Cleaning supplies (furniture polish, bath and tile scrub, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaners
    • New home/car materials (off-gassing from flooring, tile, furniture, etc)
    • Vaccines and medications
    • Our water system
    • Pollution
  • How to create iron clad immune systems so that our bodies can protect themselves.
  • How PLANTS and plant extracts might hold the cure.
  • Inclusion of antioxidants every day to fight off free radicals.
  • How events in our family and social circles impacted our stress.
  • Where we lived impacts our stress
  • Lack of proper breathing impacts our stress
  • How seemingly small health issues now pile up on top of one another because of everything listed above and BAM, years later cancer seemingly appears out of no where (when in fact, it was a recipe for disaster, adding up over time, all along)

Guys, these are all pieces to the puzzle that no one is putting together. Let’s think DEEP about this!

Think Before You Buy Pink

Guys, I get it. I was totally guilty with all of the pink. I was a marketer’s dream. It was a big part of my days in ‘98 and ‘99. Admittedly, I do still hold onto the simple pink ribbon as a reminder of why I continue to fight against this uphill battle to create PREVENTION awakening moments for others.

Buying pinkwashed products is not curing cancer, it’s driving business profits and funding drug research when it should be funding food education, non-toxic healthy living and, mental health to STOP cancer in the first place. Breast cancer is big business.  Eating pinkwashed foods is a part of what’s causing cancer because they contain anti-nutrients, are grown in nutrient-deficient oil and laced with glysophate from crop spraying.

I have bunch more to say on this topic but this is enough for today. It’s no surprise that 1:3 women and 1:2 men will get cancer in their lives. A radical shift needs to happen right now.


Photo Credit: DES Daughter Network

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